Level description

The festival is meant for experienced dancers who want to deepen their dancing skills and work hard to improve their technique, style, musicality, leading and following skills. You are ready for a quicker and more challenging teaching pace.


You have been dancing for at least 3-4 years and up. You social dance a lot, attend international swing festivals where you are always placed in the advanced level. You might also compete in open or advanced divisions. You are confident with fast and slow tempos, can express musical structure, micro musicality and the mood of the song. You are skilled in vernacular jazz steps. You maybe teach beginner or intermediate level classes in your local scene.

You are looking for new challenges and different approaches to your dancing in order to broaden your musicality, rhythms, technique, leading/following skills. You are searching for your own unique style and expression. You want to work on quality of movements, advanced figures and small details of your dancing.


You have been invited to this special group by an organizer or a teacher.